FEUP - Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto offers its human resources, infra-structures, and mainly its Laboratories:

LSTS - Laboratory of Underwater Systems and Technologies
LPETECH - Laboratory of Power Electronics for Transport & Energy Technologies and
LSCOE - Laboratory of Systems, Control, and Optimization and Estimation
FoF - Laboratory of Systems & Technologies for The Factories of Future

to support the UI&D SYSTEC's activities, targeting knowledge transfer, internationalization, advanced education and R&D excellence in its fields: Systems, Control, Optimization and Estimation, Networked Robotic Vehicle and Systems, and Power Electronics and Energy.

FEUP, the largest Faculty of the University of Porto, is a public institution of higher education with scientific and financial autonomy aiming at training world-class engineers in a R&D environment of excellence. FEUP has over 8000 students and 442 teachers and researchers across 9 departments and 9 R&D units. It is located in the Asprela, the main campus of Porto University, where UPTEC - Porto University Science and Technology Park is located. FEUP facilities include 84000 m2 of buildings, 23000 m2 of green areas and offers high quality services that compete with the most qualified public institutions of higher education. The Human and Technical resources committed to technical, administrative and financial support to research work consist of 324 staff members organized in 8 offices. UPTEC TECH is the Science and Technology Park of Porto University in Asprela and it provides the interface with end-users and entrepreneurs by promoting and validating business driven projects of Porto University, cooperating with Industry and Private Businesses. It includes several companies and innovation centers working in a comprehensive range of technological areas.


ISR - Institute of Systems and Robotics is a Portuguese private, non-profit research institution that promotes advanced multidisciplinary R&D in diversified fields which encompass the fundamental and the applied scopes underlying Control, Automation, Energy, and Robotics in its broader sense. It is composed of 3 centers linking the 3 major Portuguese Universities, University of Lisbon, University of Coimbra and University of Porto, which also host the three most influential Portuguese Engineering Faculties.

ISR offers its resources to promote the restraint of R&D results and the networking with stakeholders and end-users of systems and technologies in the fields of Automation, Control, Networked Robotic Vehicle Systems, Power Electronics and Energy, as it is required to pursue the Research Unit SYSTEC objectives, concerning the scientific and technological innovation, the knowledge and product transfer, and the societal impact at national and international levels. In particular, it is a vehicle to promote the articulation of R&D agendas and the sharing of infra-structures relevant to SYSTEC's goals in a significant national scope.


SYSTEC-FoF - Laboratory of Systems & Technologies for The Factories of Future