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Moving Path Following for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Applications to Single and Multiple Target Tracking Problems (2016)
T. Oliveira, P. Encarnação and A. P. Aguiar
IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 2016, Vol. 32, Issue 5, pp. 1062 - 1078, DOI: 10.1109/tro.2016.2593044
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New Real-Time Tuning Method for Wireless Power Transfer Systems (2016)
J. Shin, D. Czarkowski and Outeiro, Maria Teresa
Proceedings of the IEEE- Wireless Power Transfer Conference (WPTC-2016), Aveiro, Portugal, 5-6 May 2016, DOI: 10.1109/WPT.2016.7498798
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Non-destructive assessment of fibre content and orientation in UHPFRC layers based on a magnetic method (2016)
S. Nunes , M. J. Pimentel and A. S. Carvalho
Cement and Concrete Composites, 2016, Vol. 72 pp. 66-79, DOI: 10.1016/j.cemconcomp.2016.05.024
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On Application of Optimal Control to SEIR Normalized Models: Pros and Cons (2016)
M. R. de Pinho and F. Nogueira
Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, October 2016, (MBE, Volume 14, Issue 1, February 2017, pp. 111 – 126, Available online, DOI:10.3934/mbe.2017008
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On convergence and performance certification of a continuous-time economic model predictive control scheme with time-varying performance index (2016)
C. N. Jones, A. P. Aguiar and A. Alessandretti
AUTOMATICA Vol. 68 p. 305-313, DOI: 10.1016/j.automatica.2016.01.020
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On necessary conditions for implicit control systems (2016)
M. R. de Pinho
Pure and Applied Functional Analysis, Vol.1, N.2, pp. 185-196.
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On the Design of Discrete-Time Economic Model Predictive Controllers (2016)
C. N. Jones, A. P. Aguiar and A. Alessandretti
Proceedings of CDC’16 - 55th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Las Vegas, NV, USA, Dec. 2016, pp. 3196-3201, DOI: 10.1109/CDC.2016.7798749
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Optimal Control Applied to an Irrigation Planning Problem (2016)
S. O. Lopes, R. M. S. Pereira, M. R. de Pinho, Fontes, Fernando A. C. C. and A. M. Gonçalves
Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Volume 2016 (2016), Article ID 5076879, 10 pages,
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Optimal control of epidemiological SEIR models with L1-objectives and control-state constraints (2016)
H. Maurer and M. R. de Pinho
Pacific Journal of Optimization, Vol. 12, N.2 pp. 415-436
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Optimal Control Problems for Path Planning of AUV using Simplified Models (2016)
Z. Foroozandeh, A. Matos and M. R. de Pinho
Proceedings of IEEE 55th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 2016, pp. 210—215, DOI: 10.1109/CDC.2016.7798271
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Optimal Control Problems with Mixed and Pure State Constraints (2016)
R. B. Vinter, A. Boccia and M. R. de Pinho
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, 2016, Vol. 54 p. 3061-3083, DOI: 10.1137/15m1041845
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Optimal UAV rendezvous on a UGV (2016)
A. Rucco, Sousa, J.B., P. B. Sujit and A. P. Aguiar
2016 AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, San Diego, California, USA, 2016, DOI: 10.2514/6.2016-0895
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Optimization-based control of constrained nonlinear systems with continuous-time models: Adaptive ti (2016)
L. T. Paiva and Fontes, Fernando A. C. C.
AIP Conference Proceedings 1776, 2016, pp. 090009-1-090009-5, DOI: 10.1063/1.4965373
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Positive State Observer for the Automatic Controlo f the Depth of Anesthesia (2016)
F. Nogueira, Rocha, Paula and Mendonça, Teresa F.
Computer Programs and Methods in Biomedicine, Published online in September 2016, DOI: 101016/j.cmpb.2016.08.019
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Problem of Hydroelectric Resources Management: Numerical Approach (2016)
V. A. Bushenkov, G.V. Smirnov and Ferreira, Maria Margarida Amorim
Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences; Volume 10, No. 3 (2016), PP:823-831, 2016.
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PWM Controllable Inductance using a Class E rectifier for real-time resonance tuning (2016)
F. Wu, J. Shin, D. Czarkowski and Outeiro, Maria Teresa
Industrial Electronics Society , IECON 2016 - 42nd Annual Conference of the IEEE, 2016, pp.5645-5650, DOI: 10.1109/IECON.2016.7793987
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Quadripole models for simulation and leak detection in gas pipelines (2016)
T. P. A. Perdicoúlis, S. T. Baltazar and Lopes dos Santos, Paulo J.
PSIG Annual Meeting, 10-13 May, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2016, 11 pages.
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Range-Based Underwater Vehicle Localization in the Presence of Unknown Ocean Currents: Theory and Experiments (2016)
Pascoal, António Manuel, N. Crasta, M. Bayat and A. P. Aguiar
IEEE Transactions On Control Systems Technology, 2016, Vol. 24, pp. 122-139, DOI: 10.1109/tcst.2015.2420636
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Resonant Power Converters - An Overview with Multiple Elements in the Resonant Tank Network (2016)
G. Buja, D. Czarkowski and Outeiro, Maria Teresa
IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine, June 2016, Volume: 10, Issue: 2, pp. 21-45, DOI: 10.1109/MIE.2016.2549981
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Resonant power converters applications: LsCsLpCp circuit for renewable energy sources as case study (2016)
Outeiro, Maria Teresa, H. Suryawanshi and G. Buja
IECON 2016 - 42nd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, October 2016 , pp. 5651-5656, DOI: 10.1109/IECON.2016.7793416
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