FEUP Faculty of Engineering, Porto University

>> Physical infra-structures, notably the labs as LSTS, C2SR, LSCOE, LPETECH, FOF
>> Interface with industry and other societal organizations – UPTEC 
>> Networking Opportunities
>> Connections with students/ degrees
>> Salaries of integrated researchers and some researchers
>> Formal administration


ISR – Institute for Systems and Robotics

(public utility, nonprofit, private association)

>> Promotes the cohesion of the key national Universities in “Systems” and “Robotics” (Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto)
>> A forum for road-mapping
>> Private sector networking
>> Administrative agility
>> Enable innovation channels networking academy, companies, and other organizations
>> Private companies as  Associates


SYSTEC-FoF - Laboratory of Systems & Technologies for The Factories of Future