SYSTEC is a highly interdiscilinary R&D Group in Systems and Technologies – in order to maximize synergies among the integrated members and to promote interdisciplinary research fuelled by shared research interests.

SYSTEC is organically integrated into a framework designed to address real world challenges by articulating the theoretical and applied developments in 4 Thematic Lines:

>> SYSTEC–CONTROL: Systems, Control, Optimization, and Estimation Technologies

>> SYSTEC-NET: Networked Robotic Vehicles and Systems Technologies

>> SYSTEC-ENERGY: Smart Energy Systems and Technologies

>> SYSTEC-MANUFACTURING:  Cyber-Physical Systems for Manufacturing.

Along the thematic lines, the bidirectional interaction – (i) research excellence at the service of real-world problems, and (ii) real-world challenges inspiring breakthroughs in fundamental research – is continuously pursued to promote the regional smart specialization agenda through cooperation between SYSTEC and companies, particularly SMEs and other societal organizations.

Cyber-Physical Systems for Advanced Manufacturing Systems